MG Konnect provides boutique advisory services for individuals and businesses looking to expand their services and products to new markets in Europe, South America and the Middle East. The foundation of our business lies on helping you to develop strong personal interactions with new business partners in order to position you for success with expertise in Design, Architecture, Art, Communication and Technology MG Konnect uses a personalized methodology tailored to each individual customer and market. Our services will range from using a discreet boardroom introduction to creating and supporting a grandiose public launch. Our broad network of contacts and deep knowledge in developing bi-lateral business acts as the perfect global platform to ensure your success.


MG Konnect was founded by Menachem Gantz, an experienced journalist with over 20 years of global reporting on politics, art, travel, business, leisure and technology. Gantz has spent most of his time living and travelling in Europe, South America and the Middle East and has a deep speciality in the Italian, Brazilian and Israeli markets.

CONTACT ISRAEL: +972 54 64 88887

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